We have been online article writers for about two years now, and we have accumulated a lot of knowledge along the way. We have always been interested in writing, so we can proudly say that we now enjoy our job, and we enjoy every ImagineArticle we write. Why is this so and why is ImagineArticles so different than any other writing company out there? There are a lot of reasons for this, but we will here elaborate upon the most important one. We at ImagineArticles will actually turn down work every now and then, and this is nothing you will see in any other writing company.
Why Would We Turn You Down?

We are professionals. This is not to say that the people working for other companies that offer writing services are not, but I often get the feeling that this world is turning into a world in which only profit and making a quick buck is important – and this is very often done in spite of everything else. We will not take your order if we are not 100% positive that we will give you content that will meet your expectations, as well as if we are not 100% positive that we are interested in writing on the subject. Yes, if we take your order, that means we will write the content as if we were writing it for own personal blog – we will put both our hearts and our minds into the content we are writing for you. No lies, no deception, and no gimmicks – we put all of ourselves in every ImagineArticle we deliver to you!

The Process of Writing the Perfect ImagineArticle

It is not a secret, and we will here tell you exactly how your article will be written. Here is the process of creating the perfect ImagineArticle for you, explained thoroughly step by step:

  • Taking your order – First things first, we will listen to you and ask questions regarding the article you need written. Note that we will not accept the task if we do not like the topic – it is that simple. If we feel that we would like to write on the topic of your choice, we will take your order with a smile and this is where the magic starts!
  • Thinking about the article – Every ImagineArticle is first thought about, or if you will, imagined in our mind's eye. We think about it, about the approach, about the tone, and we think about who will be reading it. This process of brainstorming is very fun, and it often creates a real storm of emotions between the two writers on our team. Nevertheless, we have always managed to survive this storm of ideas!
  • Doing the necessary research – Naturally, every ImagineArticle we write is well-researched, but this does not mean we will always have to do thorough research. We have written on so many topics that we have a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be used in our writings. So, rest assured every article we deliver will have enough relevant information for your readers.
  • Writing – After the ideas have been come up with and after the research has been done, it is time to start writing the ImagineArticle. This stage is completed in total comfort, peace, and quiet, and without any distractions.
  • Editing – After the ImagineArticle has been written, it has to go and cool off for some time, which gives us the time to work on something else – sometimes it is another ImagineArticle, sometimes it is more research, and sometimes it is the laundry. After the ImagineArticle has cooled off, we go through it one more time, editing everything that doesn't seem perfect.
  • Proofreading – After the writer has edited their own ImagineArticle, the piece of writing goes to the other writer in our team, and this writer does the final proofreading and editing, when and if necessary. All the editing and proofreading is done in-house, so the artistic flair of every ImagineArticle is not damaged by outside ideas. We take pride in delivering content that is 100% free of any grammatical, logical, or typographical errors!
  • Voila!      – This is when your ImagineArticle is born! This is when it has everything to be called an ImagineArticle. This is when the ImagineArticle is ready to be delivered to you. This is when the real magic happens, and the real magic is when you get to read the content we have created for you. No one has ever had any complaints when it comes to any of the ImagineArticles we have delivered, and this is why we are pretty confident that you will experience that magical feeling of reading the perfect ImagineArticle too.
Do You Like Our Process?

So, what do you think? Do you like how we create our ImagineArticles? This is our writing process, and it has given us a lot of success over the last couple of years. If you are interested in getting an ImagineArticle of your own, please feel free to contact us here.


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