Many will tell you that online freelance writers have a dream job. They get up when they please; they can decide what jobs to accept and what jobs to decline; they get to work from home and save money on travelling expenses, and so forth. However, it is not all peachy. I know because I have been making my living as an online freelance writer for a couple of years now. I don’t know everything about this profession, but I can say that I know a lot. So, if you want to get an inside look into this profession and find out how to be a successful online freelance writer, please read on.
Tip Number One: Be Persistent

If I hadn’t been tenacious about what I wanted to do, I would have never made it in this field of work. Everybody has to start out somewhere, and writers start out writing for peanuts. When I started writing, I was making so little money that I wasn’t even able to afford peanuts. This is where most people give up, and this is where most people are wrong. Without tenacity you can never amount to anything, and this profession is no exception to the rule.
Tip Number Two: Be Realistic

Being realistic will pay off no matter what you do for living, as it will keep you grounded through those days when you feel like flying and you actually have no wings. Wings are here represented by experience, expertise, the quality of your writing, intelligence, and the ability to determine how much you are really worth. Also, being realistic will stop you from taking on more work than you can handle, and this is the single most important thing to avoid when starting out as a freelance writer.
Tip Number Thee: Be Professional

Regardless of the fact whether your potential client is professional or not, you always have to be. Many writers lack good manners, and this is something that will always cost them in the long run. If you get offended, do not stoop to the same level. If your client doesn’t have the common courtesy to start an email with an opening word such as ‘Hello’ and finish it with a closing word such as ‘Regards’, you should never do the same. Find a perfect example of writing etiquette here. If you cannot meet the requirements of a certain task, do not try to change them – simply say that you cannot complete the task. Being professional is extremely important, especially when you are trying to create a respectable name and become a person of trust.
Tip Number Four: Be Dedicated

You can never be a successful writer if you are not dedicated to your job. Dedication can be defined in many ways, but it is basically a willingness to always learn new things and to always improve yourself in every way possible. Being dedicated also means that you should take your work very seriously, and never treat it like a pastime.
Tip Number Five: Be Confident

After you have gained some experience and after you have proven to yourself that you are a professional writer and a person capable of doing this job well, you will automatically start feeling confident. Confidence is a must in this line of work, as it enables you to show your potential clients that you are worth their time and money. Confident freelance writers thrive, while those who lack confidence often give up and start looking for a different kind of job..
Tip Number Six: Be Proud

A good writer is a proud writer. Never be intimidated by pushy or too demanding clients. If you are confident and realistic, you will know how much you are worth, and you should never make any compromises when it comes to this. So, if someone doesn’t want to pay you the rates you deem appropriate, do not hesitate to express your concern. You would be amazed at the number of times the client in question will actually take your demands into consideration and fulfill them.
These six bullet-proof tips should help you become a successful online freelance writer without any problems. I have shared these tips with you from my personal experience, and I feel that following them has helped me a lot. Try them out and let me know whether they have helped you or not!

I think the things you covered through the post are quiet impressive, good job and great efforts. I found it very interesting and enjoyed reading all of it...keep it up, lovely job..


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